The Right Training Collar for Dogs

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Dog collars have different functions. It could be for points such as fashion, identification, and control. Most significantly, people use collars to teach or train their dogs with tricks and discipline. Training collar for dogs plays an important role in this perspective between the master and his or her pet.

A dog collar is an alternative to a dog harness and is more widely used because it is less complicated to fit. The difference is a dog collar encircles a hound’s neck while a dog harness – the body. We often see sled dogs wearing dog harnesses to pull sleds efficiently. Pet mutts  being walked in parks are usually guided with dog collars.

There’s a wide variety of collar for dogs to choose from depending on the purpose. The most used for training mutts are prong collars, force collars, and choke chains. Sometimes though, a training collar for dog is not that necessary for teaching pooches, especially on agility trainings, for these lapels may strangle or choke the dog.

serious collared dog

serious collared dog

Prong and force collars are almost similar in function. These are made with a combination of leather and metal prongs. This training collar for dog automatically applies pressure from its spikes against a dog’s neck when pulled strongly, thus preventing them from persisting to move away.

Use of choke chains is considered as a coercive way of dog training where the collar, usually made of nylon rope, constricts when the dog tries to suddenly move or pull away from the person holding the leash. As what it is named for, this type of neckline chokes the dog. These are also called slip chains, choke collars, or slip collars.

Whether you’re training a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, it’s always important to include proper care and safety to our canine buddies. Training collar for dogs are meant to be used as safety measures for them and not for the purpose of compulsion.


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