Wardrobe Must-Haves Every Girl Should Buy for Summer 2017!

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Any sensible woman would admit that “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. Given, thus the unanimity that personal style is not ephemeral- as trends tend to be- a woman should wisely invest in certain fashion items that are timeless and classy.

The following wardrobe staples, will save you out of many what-to-wear panic attacks. Not to mention its money-saving aspect since, having such tasteful clothes, you will not be tempted to indulge in any temporary fashion trends.

Little Black Dress

A must have for every woman that respects herself. It needs to be flattering, comfortable and versatile; one that you can wear at the office and at a formal dinner. Discreetly glamorous is the way to go.


A pair of stylish black or camel pumps will get you out of many “what shoes goes with this outfit” conundrums! Unlike other items on this list, you can find fantastic pumps that are affordable, so you can have more than 3 pairs.


These need to be sexy, black or red, sky- high and of course, dressy. Comfortableness is optional when it comes to shoes!

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Wardrobe essentials for effortless style

Pencil Skirt

A classic beige or black, figure-hugging skirt. It should preferably be mid-length, right below your knee. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing one that is too tight, it needs to have enough space to allow you walk naturally.

Black Trousers

Cigarette, skinny, boot-cut, whatever your preference is, make sure these trousers are of high-quality fabric and that they are flattering.

Classic Wool Coat

As long as this coat is in a dark tone and of quality-wool, then you’re covered.  This wardrobe essential is versatile; you can wear it with jeans and boots, as well as dressing it up with a formal dress and high heels.


If possible have more than one, a black, dark blue, an a grey one. Another must-have, versatile item for a classic, chic wardrobe. Never out of fashion, adding particular taste and style into every outfit.

White Shirt

Get at least two crispy white shirts,  choose button-up ones; they are comfortable, versatile and most importantly, they add instant classiness to your everyday style.

Few more tips:

Opt first for dark-colored fashion staples, after purchasing these essentials, you can from time to time add more of these in different tones and colors, to enrich wardrobe.

Needless to say, these wardrobe essentials need to be of high quality, these are items you are going to have for years to come, so you want to invest a decent amount of money to get the best.

Last but not least, once you possess these wardrobe essentials you’ll have a respectable canvas on which you can add, pick and mix more loud and vivid items and accesories to make your outfits more personal.


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