3 No-nonsense Habits for Insanely Productive Mornings!

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#1 Drink lots of coffee. No, we have better tips than telling you to overwhelm your body with caffeine. These surefire habits are life-changing. Your mornings  will become more productive, your days brighter and you, much happier.

Be a smart energy user

housewife You try to cut down on utility bills like electricity but how do you economize on your energy? Focus on projects that are demanding during your high-energy time in the day. For most people, that’s in the morning — But, we won’t judge if you are a night owl.

Preparedness goes a long way

face 1 It literally takes 5 minutes to plan for the next day. Have a small to-do notebook or an app and organize next day’s priorities and projects. Always, always leave room— or better yet plan for — creative breaks and activities. A half an hour walk between meetings will do wonders on your creativity and energy levels.

Finally, let go of your inbox addiction.

email You know what’s going to happen if you don’t check your email first thing in the morning but in the early afternoon? Absolutely nothing. Check your email early in the morning and you doomed to come back to it several times during the day to check for replies, responses, last-minute projects and so on. Besides, if something is really urgent, you will get a call. So, don’t sweat over not checking your email for a few hours.   What’s your favorite productivity hack?


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