5 Comfy and Classy Outfits to Pack for Your Next Vacation!

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comfyYay! You’re going on vacation! Now comes the fun of packing. Is packing for a holiday a daunting task? You will be stunned by how easy it is to travel light and look stylish. There’s not the same method for packing for everyone, and your outfit choices will depend on where you are going too, but here are some ideas to follow for even a short trip:

  • Pack clothes that you can multitask with meaning clothes that can pair with other items and accessories for various occasions. 
  • Track the weather, even getting a vague idea on highs and lows, or if rain is anticipated can help you decide on outfit and shoes to pack.
  • Bring clothing items that roll up quickly and can squish into your suitcase
  • A necklace or earrings can dress up an outfit for an evening dinner

Pairing your outfits makes travel more enjoyable. You can unpack more quickly and concentrate on your itinerary, but less luggage means being smarter about what you decide to bring with you.  Be sure to make a list, trim down your list, pack in the right order, and use all available space in your suitcase to pack smarter. But what should you pack individually for your vacation? Well here’s a list of five comfy and classy outfits to help inspire you with packing for your next vacation:

  1. Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is the most flexible dress style. The dress gives you more packing space and is a comfortable outfit to style. You can go from casual to fancy easily with a maxi dress. Formfitting, monochrome or floral, maxi dresses look the best with simple jewelry. 

  1. Two-piece Set

 A black two-piece set is a very comfy and classy outfit to pack for your next vacation. The most significant part about a two-piece set is the versatility it offers you. Not only do two-piece sets create one full outfit, but you can also wear the pieces separately to create more outfit choices. Like a maxi dress, two-piece sets can be dressed up or down depending on what you are doing for the day, by adding some jewelry and styling your hair

  1. Denim Shorts & Classic White Tee

A set of denim shorts and a classic white tee add some depth into your outfit choices while on vacation. Shorts and tee can be mixed and matched with your two-piece for fresh outfit ideas. This outfit is comfy for exploring around the beach or cities. 


  1. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits continue to combine comfortability and class as a wardrobe staple. There another versatile and comfiest piece of clothing. You can go from daytime to nighttime smoothly in your jumpsuit, with a change in jewelry and shoes. There lightweight and easy to pack, which is why they’re great for traveling. 

  1. Swimsuit & Accessories

You need to pack a swimsuit for your vacation, and a classic solid color one-piece is a classy choice. You can pair your swimsuit with your denim shorts for a different outfit for exploring the beauty around you on vacation. You can keep your footwear simple, with flip flops and a dressier sandal. As for jewelry layering or statement necklaces, and bangles can be used to change your daytime look to evening. Make sure to bring a cute sunhat and sunglasses for sun protection and to add to your ensemble during the day. 

Final Thoughts

Exploring different countries and cultures is a fun and exciting time. However, the hassle of flying, carrying your luggage through airports, and all the waiting around you have to do for flights, the last thing you want to worry about is making sure you look stylish on your trip.

Deciding to pack by outfit helps with overpacking, and you avoid the annoyance of having all these clothes that you never wore in your suitcase. It takes some planning, but thinking and making lists of outfits, shoes, and accessories to bring beforehand helps in the packing process. Another must-have for packing is wrinkle-free material that rolls up well in your suitcase. These outfit ideas listed are perfect for remaining comfy, yet looking classy while you on vacation. You don’t need to pack your entire closet to be fashionable while on vacation, and it is about making sure you pack the correct pieces that are going t allow you comfort and style.


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