5 Maggi Recipes With An Interesting Twist

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Maggi is something we all grew up eating. We love it’s taste and how easy it is to prepare. Ask anyone and they will boast their culinary skills by saying they know how to make Maggi. But have you tried making this universal favourite food with a twist? If not then try them today!

1. Cheesy Maggi Bread Rolls

What better than the combination of Maggi noodles, cheese and veggies to make yummy bread rolls. Find the detailed recipe here.

2. Open Cheese and Herb Maggi Sandwich

Know you have the solution for those sudden hunger pangs as this is such a simple recipe which does not require much ingredients. Find the recipe here.

3. Vegetable Maggi Cutlets

A scrumptious snack that nobody can resist. Cook it by following the recipe here.

4. Maggi Bhel

When you crave for something chatpata, Maggi bhel is for rescue. Catch the recipe here.
maggi bhel

5. Maggi Pakodi

Who does not like pakode on a rainy evening? But how about some Maggi pakode.Take the recipe from here.


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