10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Age Faster

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We all want to look more beautiful, wanna feel more beautiful and for that, we have the makeup to our rescue! However, most of the women do not know how to use the makeup products correctly in order to get the best out of them and not harm our skin in the process.

Makeup products sure make you look more beautiful and glamorous but if not used wisely, they make you age faster than normal. So take care of the following points and prevent fast ageing due to makeup mistakes.

1. Foundation

Do not use foundation on a bare skin. Always apply moisturiser and then primer before using the foundation on your skin. And try to match the colour of foundation to the colour of your neck and collarbones.

2. Concealer

Always use concealer which is a shade or two lighter than your foundation. Use a corrector first and then apply the concealer for better results.

3. Powder


Foundation powder is not to be used as a setting powder for foundation. Foundation should be set using a setting powder. Foundation powder is a substitute for foundation so using both will make your makeup look over done.

4. Contour

For better contouring use a matte taupe bronzer instead of a warm toned bronzer. the taupe matt bronzer will give a better finish and natural look.

5. Highlighter

Highlight the high points of cheek, cupids bow and nose but do not highlight the apple cheek of you have large pores as it will concentrate in the pores and make them more visible.

6. Blush

It must be applied to the apple of cheeks in an upward motion to add colour to the skin. Blending below the apple of cheek will make the face look funny pink or whatever colour you use for blush.

7. Eyebrows


Always use a colour a shade or two darker than your natural hair colour. Do not use the black toned brow colours.

8. Lashes

Use a curler before applying mascara, you would not want your lashes to come off with your curler!

9. Eyes

Apply primer for eyes before applying eyeshadow and for the creases always use a warm tone eye shadow.

10. Brushes

Always keep your brushes clean. Do not use old dirty brushes because you would not want your skin to have break outs and acne.


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