5 Things You’ll Only Understand If You are Obsessed with Tea

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If you’re a tea lover, how can you function without having the mandatory cup of chai every day? Now, show everyone how seriously you take your tea?


1. The Tea Shade Card

A tea lover can instantly tell how the tea is going to turn out just by looking at its color. Whether it’s a pale creamy tone indicating too much milk or a dark black, signifying barely a teaspoon of milk, the correct shade is of vital importance.

2. Size matters

The wrong cup can spoil even the most perfect cup of tea. Morning and midnight tea needs to be served in a huge mug. In the morning, it needs to be filled to the brim while at midnight you can fill three-fourths of the mug and the evening tea should be in a pretty small cup.

3. What’s inside matters

It is not okay to slip in some cardamom in the tea without informing first. So, while making a tea lover’s tea, be careful of what you put inside as they can tell from the first sip.

4. Strain

The absolutely worst thing is having a cup of tea and finding tea leaves floating on the surface. Invest in a good sieve and strain the cup well.

5. Kettle-made Tea is the worst

Kettle-made tea is never a good idea. If you’re in a hotel, go and hunt down a chaiwala because no matter what you say, a hotel kettle is the worst tea maker in the universe.


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