6 Cheapest Places to Hop in for coffee treats in Delhi!

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Snack time, coffee treats, sweet tooth is something that we all are ever ready for. And with these super cheap places to explore, we shouldn’t be bothered about our budget or pocket anymore. So wanna have some coffee?????

1. Chai Point

chai point
Snacks Coffee and Super cheap menu makes Chai point one places to hop with a low budget pocket. They have multiple outlets and has covered almost all parts of Delhi. The best part is you can also order your chai online now!
(Rs.100 for 2 people approx.)

2. Kunzum Travel Café

This café is more place for travelers to meet. Read up travel books in the library, exchange travel stories and make travel plans. Interesting thing about this café is it is your choice to pay however much you want to pay for your coffee and cookies. Well you don’t want to pay? Cool. Then just don’t. Yes!! That’s true, if you wish to enjoy the books, ambience, free wifi and coffee and just leave without paying. Well you are free to do so.
(Rs. Whatever cost 2 people)

3. Krispy Kreme

krispy kreme
From yummiest donuts to hot chocolates to chillers to sodas. You have all the access to indulge in your sweet binge at a very low price.
(Rs.350 cost for 2 people approx.)

4. Coffee House

coffee house
This coffee house is at the corner of the busy lane of Majnu Ka Tila in a basement. With a very vibrant ambience and catchy yellow painted walls some say they give a feel as if they are at Mcleodganj. For all cake and flavoured tea lovers, this is the place for you.
(Rs. 150 for 2 people approx.)

5. Bizibean

Well we might ignore its spelling for its menu and cost that they serve at. With an absolute knowledge of coffee they serve their international blends, all diligently researched and sourced, as well as the single origin estate beans from Mysore and Malaba. A busy and crowded place and not the one to miss for a cheap treat.
(Rs100-150 for 2 people approx.)

6. Depaul’s

Nothing short of an institution and the original Cold Coffee shop of Delhi, Depaul’s has now been serving their special cold coffee in glass bottles for decades. Over the years they have added flavors. And we have our street shopping right next to it. So what better combination than shopping and hopping.
(Rs,200 for 2 people approx)


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