8 Things to do While Travelling Alone

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Many people are afraid of travelling alone as they feel that spending so much time in their own company might be emotionally difficult. Here are 8 tips on what to do while travelling alone.

1. Make friends with yourself

A wise man called Maxwell Maltz once said: “If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.” Learn to be your own best friend you won’t feel lonely when travelling or in life in general.

2. Be open to new experiences and meeting new people

If there’s a stranger on the train smiling at you, why not say: “Hello! How are you?” If you see another backpacker, why not ask: “Hey buddy, where are you going?”

3. Stay at hostels

Hostels are the best places for making friends. Although most of the people you meet never become more than just hostel friends, there’s always a chance you’ll find a soulmate with whom you’ll stay friends with forever. Forget about fancy and lonely hotel rooms.

4. Make friends with the locals

It’s always good to have local friends as they can give you firsthand recommendations and warn you about tourist traps. What’s more, if you hang around with locals you’ll get to see their traditions and customs up close. In this case modesty in not a virtue, just chat up a local!

5. Take part in tours and excursions

Many cities offer free tours. While no payment is required for these tours, tips are encouraged if you enjoy the experience. Join a free tour or any tour for that matter – it’s guaranteed that you’ll meet people as you’ll be spending time with stranger for hours. It’s highly likely that you’ll find someone to have a lunch or dinner with later.

6. Make contact with friends or friends of friends who live at your destination

You probably have at least 300 friends (surely even more) and each of these friends has their share of at least 300 friends – this makes 90,000 people. At least one of these connections must live at your destination and be willing to spend some time with you!

7. Leave “thank you” notes.

Even if you’re late to catch a flight and all you have is a dirty liquor-store receipt in your pocket, just say “thanks” and write with your blood. It means much more than you think.

8. Smile

It might sound very hippy and bohemian, but it’s the truth – smile and people will want to communicate with you. On the other hand if you’re sullen and have a negative attitude, people will subconsciously avoid talking to you. As the saying goes: “Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.”

TIP: Use Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is an online community of members with open hearts and open minds who offer travellers free accommodation in their homes. Oftentimes your host will also show you around the city, have a meal with you or simply just converse with you.


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