Best Southern California Beach Towns To Ride Your Electric Bike!

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With little rain and gorgeous warm weather almost all year long, Southern California is a great spot for bike riding. The thousands of miles of beautiful coastline that hug the Pacific Ocean is the best setting for a relaxing, enjoyable ride on your sixthreezero electric bike. Need a new place to ride? Here are the best beach towns in Southern California to ride your electric bike.

Marina Del Rey

A great place to explore on a bike is trendy beach town, Marina Del Rey. This town in the Los Angeles area has miles of beautiful bike paths that stretch along the coast. The Marvin Braude Bike Trail connects riders to other beach spots in California, such as Venice Beach and Redondo Beach. The entire trail is 22 miles and follows the Pacific coastline.

La Jolla 

The next spot to check out on your electric beach cruiser is a little further south near San Diego in La Jolla. La Jolla boasts dramatic cliffside views of the Pacific Ocean. One spot to visit in this town is the Fay Avenue Bike Path that sits high above the horizon. This trail was converted from an old, abandoned railroad to a bike riding path by a nonprofit group, repurposing the route for all to enjoy.   

Laguna Beach

Another spot to add to your itinerary is the sophisticated seaside town Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach offers plenty of challenging bike trails, some along the coastline and some further inland. The trails that are further inland feature breathtaking views and exhilarating climbs and drops. 

Catalina Island

If you want to explore a rugged island landscape and feel like you’re worlds away from city life, take a day trip to Catalina Island. Reaching this island is only possible by boat ferry. You’ll need to catch the ferry from one of the ports in Southern California and rent a bike during your excursion. Catalina has plenty of hilly bike trails high up with scenic ocean views if you want a challenge. You can also do a leisurely ride along the coastal villages if you want something a little more relaxing. 


Malibu is most famous for its breathtaking beaches and Hollywood residents. What is also special about this beach village is its miles of pristine bike riding trails. A popular spot to take a ride is Malibu Creek State Park. You can ride along the trails and see the iconic rock pools and cliff divers.

Rancho Palos Verdes   

The Donut Loop in coastal town Rancho Palos Verdes is legendary for its difficulty and fun. This route hugs the coast and gives riders sweeping views of the sea down below. Best of all, you can ride the loop in either direction to switch up your workout. This is a good path to evaluate your fat tire ebike vs regular bike and determine which style is best for you. 

Santa Barbara 

Finally, a visit to Southern California’s best beach towns wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Santa Barbara’s world-class spots. There are a variety of bike paths that either run parallel to the sandy beaches or network along the prettiest spots in the area. 

Riding your bike along the bike paths and roads near Southern California’s best beach towns is a great way to get exercise and satisfy your wanderlust. Visit these spots for your next biking adventure.


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