10 Things You Must Carry in Your Handbag at All Times

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The weather indeed is not so pleasant and our skin suffers a lot while travelling to office, going out to buy groceries or just a meet-up with your close buddies.
It’s very important to take care of your skin in this harsh weather and here are 10 things that you must always carry in your handbag to look great at all times.

1. Oil Balancing Wet Wipes

Keeping your skin clean is the first step.



2. A waterproof liner

We believe Kohl pencils are a great alternative too, but only if you could carry the smudged look; otherwise a perfectly winged eye liner look is the way to go!



3.  Moisturizer

No matter how humid the weather is, our skin needs moisture all the time. Try using a water based moisturizer in case you have an oily skin.



4. A summery lipcolour matte based

Summers are for peppy neon colours, get a bright pink or orange lipcolor to freshen up your look anytime you need.



5. A light water based concealer

Don’t go full patchy with your day makeup, just a few drops of concealer at the right places are enough to illuminate your face n the day time.



6. Rubber bands

You never know when your hair misbehaves, it’s always a smart idea to carry a few useful rubber bands in your bag incase you need them.




7.  SPF Cream

Even if the sun isn’t out, our skin is highly effected by UV rays and it’s important to take protection for your skin as the effects may not be visible in short term but in the long run- you will see marks, patches appearing on your skin.



8. Hand Sanitizer

Goes without saying that it’s a must to keep your hands clean if you want a clean and pimple free face, germs in our hands are always in contact with our skin and our facial skin is the most sensitive of all. Keeping your hands sanitized goes a long way in keeping your digestive system clean as well. Start with this healthy habit today!



9. Face wash

Having a facewash that compliments your skin type is finding the cure to all problems occurring on our face! We can’t stress enough on the benefits of keeping yourself clean at all times. Go invest in a good facewash today.



10. A Deodorant

You never know when you might need it. Smelling bad in public transports is an inconvenience to everybody.





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