6 Things A Girl Should Never Do During Her Periods

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Here are few things you should not do during periods and it will be better if you avoid or ignore them for some more days:


1. You should not consume anything cold.

When you’re not feeling well, all you want to a big tub of ice cream.You should never consume anything cold, even if it’s a bottle of coke. This will only increase your pain.

2. You should not watch depressing movies.

Since PMS already creates a moody situation for you and induces emotional changes, watching depressing movies will make you feel more low and dull.

3. You should not wax your body.

During the periods, estrogen levels are low which can cause more pain while waxing than other usual days.

4. You should not skip gym.

Your body requires some light exercise during these days. It is hard to even sneak out of bed, but you should not avoid the gym and do some less stressful workout.

5. You should not wear the same protection for an entire day.

Working ladies often face a problem when period and work clash, but do not forget to change your sanitary pads or you might get prone to infections.

6. You should not eat junk food.

Resisting junk food is the last thing you want to do, but you must avoid fast food while on your period, it will only increase your cramps.


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