9 Health Benefits Of Super Food Ginger

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The plant is used for its zest in our meals with its not so subtle flavour. It plays a major role in our spice closet just because of its multiple health benefits ranging from improved digestion to treating inflammation.

Here are some of the ways in which ginger can help your health

1. Ease nausea

Sailors used ginger to fight seasickness and they sure did right! It can also be used by a pregnant woman to fight morning sickness. A study says that it treats nausea as well as vomiting at the same time. Just make sure from your doctor that you can have ginger and then go for it.

2. Diabetes

Ginger is said to increase insulin sensitivity and thus fight symptoms of sugar. Having 2 grams of ginger powder daily can help you fight blood sugar by 12%. So it is very healthy for diabetic patients and they must try to inculcate it in their diet.

3. Inflammation

gingerol in ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have any kind of a pain in your joints, ginger would make a good choice. People suffering from arthritis also found great relief in ginger and they were less subject to pain.

4. Lower cholesterol level

Ginger can also help you to lower your heightened cholesterol level. High levels of LDL, low levels of HDL, and high triglycerides – put you at a greater risk of serious heart problems. But ginger helps with that and lowers down your cholesterol, you just need to have 3 grams of ginger capsules for 45 days to see the difference.

5. Bacterial and fungal infection

Ginger also promotes oral health, it boosts your immune system, helping you to fight infections, bacterial and fungal both. It inhibits the growth of bacterias in the mouth and gives you a great oral health.


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