9 Sperm Count Boosters that’ll Excite Your Sex Life!

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WHAT? You want to start a family and have kids, but you are worried if your sperm count is very low or is it good. Factually, sperm is more likely to be fertile if it contains 15 million sperms per milliliter. This count could go down if your testicles get very hot. But the good news is, there are a number of steps you can follow to increase your count.
Let’s read it:

1. Do exercise daily.

Production of sperms is responsible for the blood flow of your body. Exercise is a good thing for the whole body in many ways and in addition, it increases your sperm count as well. So, go and increase your sperm count.


2. Do wear jockstrap when playing sports.

Many men know it from past experiences, that a blow into the balls would hurt you and could kill your sperm. Try using jockstraps while playing, to avoid such incidents.


3. Balls need some air to breathe.

Prefer undies and legwear if you want to increase your sperm count as overheating of the testicles could lead to a decrease in the sperm count.


4. Quit smoking.

Smoking would ends up in slowing down your sperm and sperm count too. Stop smoking if you really want to increase the conceiving chances.

Quit smoking

5. Reduce your stress.

Stress increases the chances of getting many diseases. Slowing of sperm count is also the one. Some people do meditation, read books to stay happy. Try and do whatever one needs to do in order to decrease the stress levels.


6. Do not ejaculate frequently.

Frequent ejaculations could be responsible for lowering the sperm count. Your body produces millions of sperm every day, so if you already contain a low sperm count, then consider storing them up for longer in between ejaculations.


7. Do Medication carefully.

Medications can affect sperm count in lowering them sometimes and in some cases it leads to permanent infertility. If you actually care for your sperm production then do make sure that you ask the doctor if any prescribed medicine can concern your sperm count.


8. Do massage your body with herbal oils.

Massage your body with herbal oil along with regular exercise. It can help you to improve the overall flow of blood circulation. Increased circulation leads to greater and healthier amount of sperms.


9. Drink less alcohol.

Alcohol can cause a dramatic spear in estrogen levels as it infects the liver function. Since testosterone is directly linked to sperm production and the health of the sperms.



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