Dreaming of High-quality Sleep? Get to Know Memory Foam Mattress!

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Probably you have already heard the term Memory Foam. Most often, you can meet it in relation to mattresses and pillows. According to many experts, this material is the best way how you can ensure you have quality sleep during the night, which surprisingly, is not so common. Maybe you are still skeptical about its features, so read the following article thoroughly, and our explanation will resolve your doubts.

What the Memory foam mattress is?
Memory foam is a modern, technologically advanced material made of soft polyurethane foam. The memory foam mattress is, therefore, an artificial material, but it has features that natural products are deprived of. With only natural components, it would not be possible to create a material with properties similar to memory foam as it is a perfect solution to overcome morning back pain.
Where the Memory Foam Mattress comes from?
Memory foam is the result of research conducted at the NASA center in the 1970s. The material was invented to provide resistance to overload affecting cosmonauts during the launch of the spacecraft. The ultramodern foam, despite enormous pressure, returned to its original form. So, what does the mattress have in common with the material invented by NASA? We are clearing it up. Over the years, the cosmic properties of the foam are also widely used by manufacturers of mattresses for beds and extensively popular among people with morning back pain.

Memory mattress – construction

Shape memory mattresses are made of two types of high-quality foam – thermoelastic and highly elastic. The first one, “receives” messages from the body, sent in the form of heat, and adjusts the softness of the mattress to the needs of the person lying on it. In places where the temperature is higher, the foam becomes softer. In colder cases, it hardens. The open structure of the mattress allows the moisture to evaporate and allows free temperature regulation. Such an environment also protects against the development of mites and bacteria. At the same time, thanks to the highly elastic layer, the foam perfectly adapts to the weight and shape of the body.

Alleviating ailments

Memory foam guarantees the proper positioning of the body during sleep. It is especially crucial for people complaining about back or hip pain. A bed with a memory mattress will provide the perfect support for their spine without overloading places particularly exposed to illness. By giving warmth, the foam warms sore fragments of the body, stimulates blood circulation, and relieves discomfort.

What is essential, the benefits of Memory mattresses can be used by both sleeping persons. The material from which the mattress is made deforms only in the pressure points and then returns to its original form.

A new dimension of sleep
Thanks to their unique properties, Memory mattresses transfer the quality of sleep to a whole new level. Pleasant in the touch material perfectly wraps the body, giving the effect of a comfortable and safe cocoon. Such sleep conditions will be fulfilling the wishes of everyone who is struggling with the problem of choosing the right mattress every day. The foam returning to its original shape will work well for both children and adults. Its features should also appreciate pregnant women and people who often turn over from side to side during the night. The memory foam mattress is also an excellent choice for allergic, as is a high level of hygiene.

And now, we are going to bust the common myths about Memory foam mattress.

Because memory foam is widely used, it very often becomes the main topic of conversations on forums and various websites. Let’s see why people complain about it.

1. Because the foam reacts to temperature, you sweat at night. -Not true!

The fact that the foam reacts to the temperature is its greatest advantage. It literally drowns under your body. Memory foam absorbs the heat and stays warm as long as you stay on it. Later it will cool down and harden.

The warmth and comfort of the foam are its most significant advantage, especially in winter. Some people think that it contributes to excessive sweating in the summer, but its cellular structure provides excellent ventilation. That is why the cause of sweat probably lies somewhere else.

Many people cover the same quilt for the whole year. Even if it is too warm to use it in the summer, perhaps it is enough to change the quilt for a year-round, adapt to the warmth of the surroundings, or have two separate – for a thinner summer and thicker for the winter.

2. The memory foam smells terrible, right? True – but only for a few days.

The memory foam gives off a specific smell that bothers many people. The fact is, however, that the odor disappears very quickly, especially if you will ventilate the bedroom after placing a new mattress and/or cushion in it. The smell will not stay in the room – it will disappear after a few days.

3. It takes a lot of time to get used to shaping memory foam. – Not true!

People who have only slept on mattresses with springs so far may have slight problems with getting used to memory foam. However, it is just a matter of a couple of days, but once you are used to it, you will enjoy your sleep forever.

Many people complain that the mattress is too hard / too soft to wake up, but after a few days, their sensations completely change. The body needs some time to adapt to the new mattress. Before you feel full comfort, it may take a few days. We assure you that it is worth waiting. The dreamy sleep that the memory foam guarantees will be an unforgettable experience.


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