The Common Latent Household Pests and How You Can Deal With Them Effectively

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roWe hate to hear about pests coming and hiding in our houses because we know how dealing with latent pests in the house can sometime be tricky. It is advisable though to learn about sings of pest infestation in your house as this will help you start the process early. Allowing any pests living in your home more time to breed will lead to massive population increase that may become very difficult to control.

Here in this article we name some common latent household pests and how you can deal with them effectively well.

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests that invade residential areas. They like to hide in cupboards, behind fridges, under water sinks, in furniture, etc. The problem with the roaches is once they get into your house they hide and multiple so fast. The females lay eggs frequently and the egg their egg shells hatch into new roaches fast.

How you deal with them

Because cockroaches do require food and water to live and survive, you can try denying them the water and food. Keep your cupboards clean and well kempt, ensure the overall tidiness in your house and ensure that food leftover is kept in tight containers. You can also use insecticides designed to kill cockroaches to help reduce their numbers. If the infestation is so severe in your house you can call in pest control experts who will effectively deal with them.

  1. Mites

There are various types of mites that are known to wreck havoc to households. Dust mites for instance are usually very common during summer time as they thrive under dry conditions than in wet conditions. Because they are latent pests they can easily hide in mattresses or other beddings. Dust mites can be disturbing and even spread diseases to you. This is why you need to eliminate these tiny pests once you notice their presence in your house.

How to deal with them

What do dust mites eat? Getting an answer to this question may help you get on the right track in your endeavor to deal with them well. They are said to feed on flakes of skin shed by pets or people. This means that you may need clean your beddings thoroughly and even vacuum your upholstery frequently to control them.

  1. Bedbugs

These are tiny pests can easily get into your house via visitors or luggage or second hand furniture. These pests feed on human blood and suck blood from people in order to survive.

How to deal with them

You may need to call in pest control service people to help in spraying your house to control their infestation. You may also consider burning your beddings and other furniture that may have been infested and replace with new ones.

  1. Rodents

The most common household rodent pests are mice and rats. These like to sneak into the house via holes or vents and can destroy your furniture or clothing and books. They are also known to act as disease vectors.

How to deal with them

Make sure to seal all possible entry points that rats may possibly use to get into your house. Calling professional pest control personnel will help to trap them and eliminate entirely from your house.



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