Hair Care routine For Perfect Hair Days

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Taking care of your hair is very important these days due to the pollution and the chemicals that harm them. Suffering from a bad hair week, or a year or a day is something that no one should go through. So here are a few hair care tips that will help you maintain that shiny lock on the top of your head.

1. Always brush your hair before going for a shower using a wide tooth comb. This will reduce the tangled hair after a wash and using a wide tooth comb will reduce hair breakage.

2. Choose your hair care routine according to your hair type. For example, if you have dry or damaged hair, apply the mask once a week with regular shampooing and conditioning. Or if you have an oily scalp avoid using hair serums as they add more oil to your hair.

3. Using a hair mask on a regular basis is good for healthy hair. They repair all the damage done to hair due to heat and pollution and also fight dryness and dullness. It is not necessary to go for a store-bought mask, you can make your own hair mask with banana and honey, or egg and olive oil.
4. Avoid using warm water to wash your hair, washing them with cold water will give them a shine and also lock the pores on your scalp.

5. Do not rub using a towel, I repeat, DO NOT RUB using a towel, just blot them by pressing softly. Rubbing the towel will make them weak and frizzy.

6. Wash your hair less often to avoid stripping your scalp of its natural oil. Also, try to use a sulfate free shampoo whenever possible.

7. Whenever you are styling your hair, always, I repeat ALWAYS use a heat protectant to prevent the damage caused by heat.
8. Avoid too much exposure to UV rays. Keep your hair covered under the sun, it makes them white and dull.

9. Have a protein-rich diet to maintain that healthy lock on your head.

10. Go for regular oil massage to maintain the healthy hair growth and stimulate the blood vessels around the scalp.


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