Make-Up Tricks That Can Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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Every girl wants to have a big pair of beautiful sparkling eyes. But, nature does not grant all their wishes, leaving some with eyes that fall short of their ideal. But a few smart make-up techniques can do the trick!

1. Go Light In The Corner

Focus a light shadow on the inner-third of your eyelid, closest to your tear duct. The lighter colour acts as a highlight to create an open appearance to the eye, making your eyes look larger, fresher, and more awake.

2. Highlight The Browbone—But Not with Highlighter

Adding a highlight under the tail of your eyebrow on the brow bone will give lift to your eye by drawing the attention up. While you can definitely use the same shadow you would use on the inner corner of your eye, using a concealer is recomended. Go for a shade slightly lighter than your natural skin tone to illuminate the eye area.

3. Use a Layered Approach to Make Dark Circles Vanish

When it comes to big, bright eyes, any and all dark shades are the enemy. Darkness around your eyes makes them look smaller.Start with a pink-toned concealer before layering a yellow-toned concealer on top.

4. Visually Extend Your Eyes

White liner opens up your eyes instantly. Use it on the inner rim of your lashes to extend the whites of your eyes and make them look larger and more awake with one stroke.

5. Use artificial eyelashes

Use false eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Apply mascara to give them length and thickness.

6. Lash Curlers Are A Must

Creating length coming up and out of the eye draws the focus away from the lash line, making the eye look wide open. To achieve this effect, invest in a pair of lash curlers, and curl before applying mascara.


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