Myths You Need To Bust About Period Sex

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Period sex is considered gross. So many of us believe that one should refrain from sex during that time of the month. We have heard so much about period sex, more myths and fewer facts are circulated between us about it. Some people say we should not practice sex on our periods due to reasons concerning health while others avoid it as it can be a mess with stained sheets.

Forget whatever you know about period sex and clear your facts about it.

1. You can have sex on your periods.

Yes girl, you can. There is nothing wrong in having sex during your periods. If you want to and your partner is ok with it, go for it. There is nothing stopping you.

2. You can get pregnant at that-time-of-the-month also.

Chances of getting pregnant while having sex on your periods are low but that does not mean you cannot get pregnant. You need to use contraceptive even during periods to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

3. There are chances of getting infected with STDs.

If either of the partner is carrier of any of the sexually transmitted diseases then the other can get infected if protection is not used. In case woman is the carrier then there is even higher risk of getting infected during period sex. Safe sex is not negotiable, whether you are on your period or not.

4. Orgasms are the best remedy for your cramps.

Orgasms can cure anything. During orgasm brain releases endorphins which is nature’s pain killer. Also Prolactin is released which gives that relaxed and positive feel after sex.

5. Period sex does not mean heavier periods.

If you think period sex will result in prolonged periods, it is time to correct facts. The contractions that you have during orgasm might push some more blood out allowing the body to expel menstrual blood more quickly, bringing the period to an early end.
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