Reduce Sugar Intake for a Healthier Life

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Too much sugar in your daily diet can lead to many health problems such as diabetes or liver damage. Cutting out sugar or reducing its intake can help you live a longer and healthier life. If you find yourself having trouble cutting back on sugar for any reason, here are a few tips to get your intake under control :


1. Food Diary

Write down everything you eat for a day. This way you can keep record on your sugar intake. Then, look at where you can easily cut it out. If you’re having five sugars in your daily cup of coffee, reduce it to one.

2. Calorie Count

If you’re having trouble resisting sugar after dinner, look for something sweet that’s under 100 calories and is healthy for you, but doesn’t contain sugar substitutes. A Pear or two squares of dark chocolate are great options.

3. Keep yourself busy

Read an engrossing book, watch something funny on YouTube, create Pinterest boards, hang out with friends, learn a language, meditate, or take some quiet time to reflect and dream. Just keep your mind occupied.

4. Labelling

Always check a product’s label any time you’re thinking of indulging. Sweeteners like rice syrup, corn syrup, coconut nectar, date paste, glucose, cane sugar, agave, honey and cane sugar are all are fine, but you should avoid the much-maligned high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Look at the labels on your savory products as well.

5. Don’t be harsh on yourself

Sugar can play an enjoyable role in our lives when it’s consumed on an irregular basis. So, it’s okay if you had an ice cream or a creamy coffee on a Sunday afternoon. Just don’t be harsh on yourself.


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