#StopFretting: Easy Hair Care For Summers! Hello Gorgeous!

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Summers are upon us and we need to take care of our tresses even in the summers, here are few tips and tricks to look after your hair in summers,.

Here are the products that can be used for hair care in summer:

1. Serum

As hair tends to get frizzed out in summer due to humidity, serums like Wella Oil Reflections and Moroccan Oil can be used to take care of the frizz.
Wella Oil Reflections

2. Purifying Shampoos

Purifying shampoos like Pure Resource from L’Oreal and Wella Pure can be used to get rid of the greasiness on the scalp due to humidity. Wella Refresh can also be used to refresh the scalp. it leaves the scalp cool which is much needed during summers.
Pure ResourceWella Purifying shampoo

3. Volumizing Shampoos

Volumizing shampoos like Bedhead Epic Volume can be used to give volume to the hair if the hair fall flat and need volume.
Bedhead Epic Volume

4. Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

Because of climate change, lots of people face the problem of dandruff. Shampoos like Wella Clean and Sensi Balance from L’Oreal can be used to treat dandruff.
Wella CleanSensi Balance

Heavy products should be avoided in summers.

Here are the styles that can be maintained:

If someone does not want to go too short with their hair, they can get a lob, which is a longer version of a bob.

Undercuts can be done to beat the heat.

Also, Braids and hairdos are pretty much in, so one can look stylish with braids and updos and at the same time beat the heat.
People who have frizzy hair but can’t go short with their length, can get cysteine or keratin treatments which will last throughout the summer unlike in straightening in which there is a regrowth.


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