Thing You Should Never Put In Or On Your Vagina

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With all those ads and new prodcuts launching in the market, it’s very natural for all the girls out there to get curious to use them all. But make sure to get the detailed information of those products and their ingredients before using them. Here are some things that are a big no-no to use down there.

1. Fruits and vegetables

Don’t laugh girls. There are a lot of you who use them either in sexual act or to satisfy themselves. It is not healthy at all because plants and vegetable have a lot of fertilizers and pesticides on them, and putting them in/on your vagina can cause some serious infections or irritations.

2. Rubber or plastic toys

sex toy
Using cheap rubber and plastic toys may not do any harm initially, but they might result in cuts eventually. Instead use sex toys made of silicone, good-quality plastic, or stainless steel. And also don’t forget to clean them after every use.

3. Tattoos and body art

Tattoos and body art are never recommended by any doctors. The glue used to stick the body arts is very dangerous for such a sensitive area like vagina. And the ink of the tattoo too cause can cause serious irritation abd trap bacteria.

4. Hair Dye

hair dye
Your pubic hair is way more sensitive than you think and hair dyes are full of harmful chemicals which can result in pain and irritation.

5. Oil-based lubricants

Doctors advise you to keep oil-based lubricants and even vaseline out of the bedroom, as they are difficult to wash out from the vagina. Creating breeding ground for bad bacteria in there. Instead, opt in for silicone- or water-based lubes that aren’t hard to wash.


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