We Hate PMS Even More Than Periods, This is How To Deal With PMS!

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You’ll be more than happy to know that there are remedies that can help you recover the pain and mood swings and your diet. There are treatments that help you cope with whatever PMS symptoms plague you. Read below for more:

1. Eat dark chocolates

It reduces the pain and gives you relief for some time. Sweet will increase the pain so prefer more of cocoa in your chocolate.

2. Drink lemonade

Prepare lemonade without sugar and only with salt and drink it slowly, sip by sip. It’ll reduce the pain as well as make you feel less of nausea.

3. Exercise more

Do some squats, aerobics and muscle strengthening exercises. It’ll help the body get rid of the blood easily with less of pains and almost no nausea.
thigh exercises featured

4. Try painkillers

If all the above methods don’t do any good to you, try painkillers. Maybe that helps you.

5. Recommend a doctor

If nothing helps you and you’re still grieving at home, better recommend a doctor and take proper medication for cramps, pain, nausea etc.

Help others know these remedies and try for yourself too. Take care.


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