What Your Acne Is Telling You!!

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Be it a girl or a boy, nobody likes getting pimples on their faces. And sometimes they appear out of nowhere, making it really hard to understand the reason. But the area that pops out the pimples, shout outs the reasons pretty well (minus certain exceptions). To understand what your acne is really telling you keep reading.

1. Forehead

Acne on forehead is caused by dehydration. So make sure you drink lots of liquid when you see a pimple popping out on your forhead. And these is also a possibility that the hair products that use your must be reacting to your skin(for girls who have bangs/fringes).

2. Nose

Acne on the nose is caused by enlarged pores, especially if you have oily skin. Oil and makeup get in your pores making the pores appear much larger than they normally are and thus leading to breakouts. Make sure you are exfoliating your face at least a couple times a week with a light exfoliator.

3. Cheeks

The tiny bumps on the cheeks can be caused by allergies. So you might wanna think again about that reason face wash or the foundation that you’ve recently started using.

Cheek acne can also be caused by your cell phone… just think about it, you talk on the phone and oil and makeup gets all over your phone, and if you don’t clean it, the next time you talk on the phone you are putting that back on your face and this can cause breakouts along your cheekbone.

4. Mouth/Chin

Any acne around the mouth and chin area is a result of hormones. If you are always getting breakouts there you may have some kind of hormonal imbalance. But if you just get these around that time of the month that is completely normal.


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