Yoga Poses That Will Help You During Your Periods

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We all suffer from cramps, tissue tenderness and bloating during our periods making our lives miserable. Practicing yoga is the best during this tumultuous period as it is good for your mind and body. These will increase your blood circulation and release endorphins, which will offer you relief from cramps and bloating. Check out these 5 poses that will definitely make your next month much better and pain free

1. Fish Pose

fish pose
It beats fatigue and menstrual pain. It stretches out the muscles of back, neck, chest and legs.

2. Bow Pose

bow pose
This pose relieves constipation and respiratory issues. It removes menstruation relation pains like backache, anxiety and fatigue. It stretches the entire front portion of the body.

3. Camel Pose

camel pose
It relieves your menstrual discomfort and lessens back pain and also helps your body relax.

4. Noose Pose

noose pose
This pose stretched the muscles of the back, ankles and belly, and also helps to relieve lower back pain which turns very painful during periods.

5. Head-to-knee forward bend

heaad to knee forward bend
This is an amazing pose for a spine, hamstring and shoulder stretch. It is also known to alleviate mild depression, and help to get rid of menstrual pains.


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