For All Those Who Called a Woman ‘Bitch’ as a Disrespect, Shruti Hassan Has Redefined ‘Bitch’ for Them

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Bitch! A word used as a disrespect for women. A woman who follows her heart and does not abide by the standards set by this society is termed as a bitch by them. It is the only insult people come up with for a woman they cannot handle.

Shruti Hassan in a new video by Blush gives a powerful message. She is not afraid to be called a bitch if being a bitch means saying no to all the things that you don’t agree to. She stands for herself and accepts that she would love to be called a bitch if a woman becomes a bitch when she doesn’t give a shit about the stereotypes set by the society.

Watch the monologue said and written by Shruti Hassan here.


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