Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Today A Practical 5-step Guide

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Whether its work, your children or the amount of information you need to process each day, life can easily become overwhelming. The key to avoiding getting overwhelmed is to start controlling it when it’s still manageable.

1. Set aside time for planning

Ask yourself what I worry about, is it worthy? Will it matter a year from now? If it will, put it in your day/month/year plan. Having all kinds of plan puts everything into perspective and allows you at any time to check on your progress.

Setting time for planning is essential in keeping everything under control, which in turn makes it impossible for your to get overwhelmed.

2. Prioritize, revise and set rewards

Your daily to-do list should prioritize what really matters. During your day you mind find yourself behind schedule, revise your to-do list, keep it updated with every new information coming in. This way every obstacle is taken into consideration and this prevents you from getting stressed over the unplanned-for changes.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for each accomplishment that’s dreadful or too challenging!

3. Start with the most demanding

The relief felt when you complete an impossible task will be your motivation to carry on with the less demanding ones. Enough said!

 4. Be mindful of what’s possible at the present moment

The overwhelming feeling of not being able to cope with what’s in front of you can be altogether eliminated if you choose to be in the present moment.

Or you can just look at cat pictures and forget all about this guide (credit: graur razvan ionut,

Don’t focus on what hasn’t been done (past) or what you should do next (future), rather focus on what you are capable of doing now, e.g. finish the task, revise your work, rest. Not seeing the bigger picture for once, helps you keep your feelings under control.

5. Make things interesting

This helps your retain your momentum and puts off  your inner critic that tells you it’s all too much. Simple things like changing a habit or routine, will liven up things and gives you the necessary motivation to carry on!

An extra tip, make sure you find time for yourself. Time to do things you find enjoyable and that let you unwind.


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