Wacky Wednesday: Women Gives Birth to a 10 Pound Baby in a Car While Husband Drives on!

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Bringing a baby into this world is no joke. When Lesia Pettijohn asked her husband Jonathan to film her giving birth with their GoPro camera– they were totally not expecting this.This super-strong woman gave birth to her third child in the front seat of her car after her water broke unexpectedly. The mother and her husband had already been en route to a birthing center near Houston for 45 minutes when the baby just couldn’t wait any longer. Once it became clear that they weren’t going to make it to the center, the husband helped the mother take off her seat belt and her pants and kept driving. He remained calm throughout her screaming and painful episode while she delivered probably the eighth wonder – a 10 pound. boy. This awe-inspiring video will definitely bring tears in your eyes. Must Watch!


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