Shit Relatives Say When They Meet You After a Long Time

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Meeting your relatives is no less than a mission in itself. Answering their rapid fire questions makes you feel like you are stuck in a really bad episode of CID. But seriously, it has and always will be going on in the future, their questions can never stop it just keeps on evolving over the time.

1. “OMG beta, you’ve grown up so much” is the conversation starter of all relatives.
Yes aunty that’s how the human body works, but thanks for confirming!

giphy (10)
I have no idea why people do that,but do you expect kids to remain like toddlers their whole life? Of course we grow up!

2. ” You once peed on my lap when you were a baby”
*awkward* Atleast there was something I did right!

giphy (11)
All the embarrassing stories of you rolling on your shit, licking the floor comes up and you just stand there faking a smile on your face,hoping it all ends soon.

3. “You’ve grown so fat since the last time we saw you”
Oh really? So have you!

giphy (2)
Well, what can we say? Our mother’s actually feed us proper food and we have money to eat so guess what aunty? It’s none of your business.

4. ” You know what, My Manu just won a gold medal in maths Olympiad and also he always tops in his class”

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Indian parents can never curb their urge of boasting their children in front of others. Don’t they realize how embarrassing it is?

5. “My son got admission in IIT, what are you going to do after 12th?”

giphy (13)
Do you really think we care what your nerdy son does?

6. “Why are you buying him a mobile phone now? Our son got it after he joined college only”
Not my fault if your son lives in the 19th century

giphy (14)
Not that getting your parents approval is hard enough, the relatives do an excellent job of meddling with their brains and spoiling all your efforts of buttering them.

7. “What are your plans for the future?”
To run from here as fast as possible.

The epic questions always comes up and leaves us dumbstruck, because we have no freaking idea about the future.

8. “Next time, we’ll meet at your wedding only”
Really? Don’t forget to invite me though!

giphy (16)
Once you enter the marriage age, all the conversation ends up with the question of marriage pointing at you.

9. “Oh! you bought a car? even we bought a TV last month”
What’s your point aunty?

giphy (17)
Even if you talk about buying vegetables, they’ll counter attack by saying they bought fruits. That’s what jealousy sounds like!

10. “You never come to our house, you have to visit us this time”
There’s a reason that keeps happening!

giphy (6)
Everybody says this line and everybody knows its out of formality and no one really wants to visit each other.

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