Try These *Beautiful* Hairstyles With Ethnic This Season!

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Ethnics are the love of any Indian girl. We love the color and designs that come with traditional dresses. What makes us confused is how to style our hair with them. We can not always keep our hair open, it has become dull and boring.

So here are a few hairstyles that you can try with ethnic wear for weddings or functions this year.

1. Twisted messy braid with twisted crown

This style is girly and cute, it will be perfect for long hair, the hair wont be open and you can enjoy the party without caring about your hair.

2. Puffed braided bun

This one is perfect for a sangeet party or a reception. It looks chic and classy and you can also flaunt that dainty neck in this one!

3. Puff with curled hair

If you have long hair then this one is again a good choice where you can make a simple puff and curl all your hair from down.

4. Ringlet with gajra

This is a very traditional look if you want one. The gajras are the perfect accessory to complete the intricate look.

5. Choti braid

This one is a very classic look with a hair accessory added to the braid. Pin up the braid with the front of your blouse and you will love the look!
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