11 Insane Gifs that Will Make you Question the Sanity of Bollywood!

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1. This is highly sexual and we dare not say what it actually looks like!

weird 1


2. Deepika is shocked and Ranbir is super excited about their baby!

deepika 1 deepika 2



3.  Genelia D’souza likes balls?

weird 2


4. Rani Mukherjee wants the guy from SAW- Drill a hole in her mouth! 

weird 3

5. Apparently, Rani is having a great time. 

weird 4

6. Sonali Bendre is about to transform into a werewolf. 

weird 5

7. Night-crawler? 

weird 6

8. The first time she is checking out lights and she seems thrilled

weird 7

9. Monthly cramps?

weird 8

10. Touching boobs- like a boss!

weird 9


11. And the creepiness continues.

weird 10


Source of these amazing Gifs- Tumblr


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