13 Reasons Indian Parents Give To Stop Their Daughters From Travelling Alone

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Travelling in India is not very easy for girls, especially when it is about travelling alone. Not only because of the safety concerns but also because Indian parents have their own peculiar concerns and reasons for stopping their daughters from going out alone or going on a vacation with friends.
Following are some of the typical reasons Indian parents give to stop their daughters from traveling alone.

1. Vacation? With friends? No, No! The world outside is very unsafe. Anything can happen anywhere. You should stay at home. Precaution is always better than cure!

Yeah! Anything can happen. Like the ceiling fan can fall on my head and I can die right here.

2. Travel to whichever place you want after your marriage with your husband.

And the same rule applies to the guy as well?

3. Of Course, we trust you, Beta. But we don’t trust your friends.

Believe me, my friends have no links with Al-Qaeda.

4. Indian girls don’t go out alone without their parents. It’s against our culture!

And what about your yesterday’s speech on women empowerment?!

5. At your age, I was looking after the whole house. Look at you, do you know anything about cooking?

Yes, I can cook Maggi.

6. Vacations are mere wastage of money. Save money for your marriage.

Did I forget to tell you I am not getting married?

7. Indians girls don’t spend night outside their house. Your grandma will be very angry on hearing this.

Help me, God!

8. Only girls? No way! Girls are even more vulnerable if no man is accompanying them.

To hell with women empowerment! Again!

9. What! Boys are also there in your group? No, you can’t go out with boys. You never know what mischief are these boys up to!

Now that’s a U-turn on your previous argument.

10. What if Khurana aunty gets to know about this? The whole world will know then!

Comm’on, I am not eloping with a boy !

11. Focus on your career. You have your whole life for travelling.

You haven’t heard the great SRK say “Kal Ho Na Ho”?

12. This excessive freedom has spoiled you. It’s our fault! we shouldn’t have given you so much freedom.

And I thought I was living in a democracy. Silly me!

13. Your whole world revolves around your friends. You have forgotten how to respect your parents!

How does respect figure in here?


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