19 Things C.I.D Has Shown Us Over And Over Again!

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The Indian crime detective series CID-Crime Investigation Department, has been running on Sony for about 17 years now. The Sony channel doesn’t seem to get enough of it. But the Indian audience is sick and tired of this show now (TRPs have dipped to record low levels). We believe it is high time that this show should be taken off-air.
Here are a few things CID has shown has us over and over (and over and over) again.

1. Daya’s magical slap

All it takes is one slap- One slap to get out confessions, one slap to get out information. The accused person accepts his crime only after getting slapped by Daya.

2. Who needs a car? Daya’s blow is enough!

Just one slap is needed to reach to the bureau from anywhere in the world. The culprit is caught red-handed, Daya strikes his magnificent blow and the next moment everyone’s in the bureau. Amazing! Jumper abilities, these folks have.

3. ACP’s guess is always right

If ACP says “Hosakta hai….. blah blah blah ki aisa hua ho” then it would be that and only that!

4. ACP’s signature hand gesture

Anything that ACP Pradyumn says without his famous signature hand gesture holds no value whatsoever. “Kuch toh gadbadh h abhijeet, Kuch toh gadbadh h!!!”

5. Every junior’s most important role!

In every scene of investigation, the senior most never finds anything. The junior one finds and exclaims “Sir! Yeh Dekhiye” and that turns out to be a very important clue!

6. CID team and their superpowers.

They can check out all the PCOs in the city all by themselves in just one day. They can also talk to all the dhobis, sabji walas, banks, theatres, security men, you name it. In just a day! Just five of them!

7. Who needs the police?

CID makes the police and police control room redundant. People directly call CID, asking for help. Dial 100 = Dial CID.

8. Everyone essentially says the same thing.

The dialogues writer is probably out of dialogues all the time, so he basically gives everyone the same dialogues. Same dialogues, said in a different way, every time. Genius!

9. Goli mat chalana Daya!!!!!

The ACP has been telling Daya not to fire a bullet for so long that Daya seems to have forgotten how to use a gun.

10. CID should be renamed to “The Immortals of CID”

Daya has died five times in the show and reincarnated every time, beating Mihir Virani’s record.

11. My God, says ACP.

Every fifth line in ACP’s script is- “My God Daya. Iska Matlab Samjhe, Daya??”

12. Every episode of CID has to have these 2 things

(i) Abhijeet:” Dekhiye plz co-operate kijiye, Hum CID se hai..
Person:” Hunnnhhh…. CIDEEEE

(ii) Daya:” Accha, nahi pata tujhe.. *Slaps Criminal starts sobbing in the CID Bureau*
Haan, maine hi maara tha usko

13. Daya’s obsession for breaking doors

Daya has the world record of breaking most number of doors.

14. One Toyota Qualis since last 15 years.

C.I.D bureau has 1 Toyota Qualis since last 11 years. Looks like CID has always been short of funds!

15. The Mighty Seven

In the entire 20 storeyed building of C.I.D only 7-10 people work. The whole team is so talented that they can handle the cases from all across the country all by themselves.

16. Salunke’s laboratory

Salunke just presses CTRL+ALT and gets the finger prints tested.

17. Dumb things said by Freddy

The director tries to make the otherwise serious and thrilling show *sarcasm*, a little light and funny with Freddy’s dumb responses.

18. The Perfect Sketch

People remember a person they saw just once and give the exact sketch of that person. Amazing memory power!

19. The perfect ending to every episode

ACP prathuman:” Khud ko bachane ke liye tumne do do khoon kar daale..
Ab toh tumhe, faasi hi hogi..


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