20 Signs That You’re Still A Kid At Heart

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Our childhood is the best years of our lives. I’m sure every adult would do anything to live there. Why do we all of a sudden get all of the things called responsibilities? Some of us never want to outgrow the adolescent stage of life and here are some signs you are still a kid at heart:


1. You love to dance in the rain and getting drenched.
2. Balloons make you happy.
3. You love dancing and singing. You don’t care what people might think or say.
4. You love laughing hard.
5. You get excited at the thought of Amusement parks.
6. You love eating without any doubt.
7. You build a sand castle, whenever you go to the beach.
8. You jump on hotel beds.
9. You love taking naps.
10. You need your mother whenever you’re sick.
11. You love watching cartoons.
12. You can’t resist bubble wraps.
13. You feel like you don’t know anything.
14. You want to have ice-cream every day for dinner.
15. You’re always drawing.
16. You cry at random moments.
17. You love animated movies.
18. You love your birthdays.
19. Surprises make you happy.
20. You don’t like arguments.

Part of you has never grown up completely. Though you’re mature now, you definitely miss being a child.


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