6 Things Men Hate About a Woman!

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We cannot figure out the exact mentality guys carry, so match your answers with the things men said regarding what they find unprepossessing in women. If you are close to it, I salute you!

Let’s find out what men hate about a woman, which she should avoid doing it at times when she is trying to impress someone.

1.Pouting and Pumping

Yes, guys hate this! They like your simple smile not this pouting or pumping all the time.

2.Spandex as pants

Well, I know we look curvy in these pants but it does not attract men much, they kind of hate it.

3.High waist pants

We used to think that men like high waist but no, it reminds them of there grandmother.

4.Excessive makeup

This is a fact now, men really hate excessive makeup. They love natural beauty!

5.Women wearing shawls

You might think it looks good, but no! Men think it like a blanket over you.

6.Using words like ‘Bae’

They hate it when you overdo it!


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