6 Things You Never Knew About Human Sexuality!

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Human body is one thing, the more you explore, the more vast it becomes. Here are some unheard and really weird facts that I’m sure you would want to know.

1. A Permanent erection can be deadly

Unwanted and prolonged erection can be painful and bad. One is caused by too much blood flow to the penis, the other caused by a blockage that prevents blood from draining. It really is a serious issue as it can cause damage to the tissue of the penis.

2. World record for the weight a vagina has lifted is 31 pounds

Woman Lifting Weight
Tanya Kozhevnikov lifts weights by contracting her vagina around an egg-shaped object, and then using that to lift up to 30 pounds attached by a chain.

3. Victorian England passed a law for prostitute’s protection from STDs

queen victoria
There was a law passed to save the prostitutes and their military clients from this contagious disease, which meant that the prostitutes had to under-go a medical checkup. And if they were found to have an STD, they’d be treated at the government’s expense and then allowed to return to work.

4. Bicycle’s seat can actually affect men’s sexual powers

Bicycle might be a healthy option for the body, but it ain’t the same when it comes to penile health. According to a recent study bicycle seats place considerable pressure on the testicles and penis of male riders creating problems and damage to that area.

5. More sex is not equals to more happiness

A research says that the happiness that we get from the sex peaks only happens is it is done in moderation,maybe once a week. But if done more times, it doesn’t really increase our happiness significantly.

6. Smell of pumpkin actually helps in better erection

Certain scents help increase penile blood flow and help men get erections, and no they were not some sensual, vaginal scents or female sweats, even though they do help in comforting them. When men were tested they got better erection for about 40% each when they smelled pumpkin and lavender. Weird? Right!!


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