7 Reasons Why Live-In is Better than Marriage

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1. Commitment at its Best

No matter how dreamy and complete you feel in a marriage, it’s nothing more than a legal obligation to stay together. The guy/girl knows there are consequences of not making ‘it’ work.

Ever thought about what exactly would it feel like to live with someone without the legal obligation? Well, you are most likely to be left with just pure and profound commitment!

I want you

Live-in: when it’s your commitment and trust that’s keeping you together, not a ‘legal obligation’. Well, that’s how we choose to define it.

2. Your Personal Liberation isn’t a Big Deal

Okay, so before everyone starts debating that liberation is possible in a healthy marriage as well, let’s think about the fact how often?

So when was the last time a guy or a girl openly admitted to being in an open relationship after getting married? Get your thinking caps on, because we know it’s going to take quite a while for you to come up with a name.

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Being in a live-in helps you to explore yourself in more ways than you can imagine. You are not restricted by the norms and societal constraints.

3. You Tend to be Financially Independent 

Having a little insecurity actually comes in handy at times. You manage your finances better.

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4. You have to Deal with one Person at a Time:

It is commonly said that you don’t just marry an individual, you marry their whole family. Live-in gives you the privilege to design your own life; it becomes so much easier to get our lives designed around an individual rather than a whole family.

fight 4

5. You Never Take your Partner for Granted


Well, because moving out is an option here, we tend to give our best to keep our partners interested.  Engaging conversations never ceases.

6. Taking a Break is Always Easier-No explanations Needed! 

How many of you have watched ‘The Sex and the City’? Remember when Carrie and Mr.Big decide to take a break from their marriage by living in different houses once a week, and when Carrie told her friends about the Idea, they were taken aback! Well, yeah that’s what is going to happen when you get married; taking a break would mean deciding on a thousand excuses as to how to break the idea to your family and friends.

friends react

7. Not Being Restricted to a Particular Role has its Benefits 

By not defining your partner’s role, you are giving him the opportunity to be anything! Yes, this may sound a little vague but think about all the possibilities at hand. He could be a friend in distress, a guide when you are lost, an intimate partner, or just someone you need to be around because you had a bad day at work. When we don’t limit ourselves, we tend to go beyond our limit.


Couples who live together learn about each other and start to form an identity working as a team. They can learn (or not) how to balance their relationship, careers and even finances together. Through time, the other person’s priorities and values will become clear, and couples can see if these really align before putting marriage on the table.

sex and the city

What do you think? Should a couple live together before getting married?


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