9 Indian Shows We Want Back On Our TV Sets

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There were days when we waited for our favorite show on the TV and when it was telecasted we were glued to the screen. We would not miss a single episode and many times we had watched even the re-runs of the show. The shows that come these days are nothing in comparison to them and we want them back.

Here are the shows that are still our favorites.

1. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai(9.5/10-IMDb)

Elite Maya, middle-class Monisha, poet Roshesh and the cherry on the top Indravadan. We loved the show and wonder why it ended. The good part is it is coming back soon as a web series on Hotstar.

2. Khichdi(8.7/10-IMDb)

No family can be as insanely funny as Parekh’s. Be it Prafful’s english translations or Jayshree’s gossiping habit. Bade Log Bade Log.

3. Hip Hip Hurray(8/10-IMDb)

Story of 12th grade students which showed their hopes, fears, aspirations and above all the bond of friendship they share. We could relate to it so well.

4. Dekh bhai dekh(8.7/10-IMDb)

A joint family where three generations live together. They love and they fight with each other but they are inseparable.

5. Office Office(9/10-IMDb)

A satirical show depicting how offices in our country work. It showed the struggles of a common man with the system and how corruption is there at every nook and corner.

6. Family No-1(7.3/10-IMDb)

Two families living in the same house but divided by a rope and their epic battle. Three kids on both sides made it exceptionally funny to watch.
family no 1

7. Hum Paanch(8.1/10-IMDb)

Those were days when Ekta Kapoor didn’t made saas-bahu sagas. It was the story of Anand Mathur, his five daughters and two wives out of which one was dead and talked from her wall portrait.

8. Shrimaan Shrimati(8.8/10-IMDb)

Two neighbours who love each other’s wives more than their own and didn’t miss a chance to flirt. Today we have Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! but it still does not create that charm.
shriman shrimati

9. Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai(9.2/10-IMDb)

A talk show hosted by former Bollywood actor Farooq Shaikh. He talked to the guests in an informal manner and audience got a glimpse of the real life of their bollywood stars.
jeena isi ka naam hai


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