Awkward Confessions Of Their First Sex Session Ever!

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As we’ve read in books or watched in movies; how that first time is so heavenly and beautiful. In real it’s nothing at all like that. It’s messy awkward, weird and damn embarrassing. Here are some experiences and lessons that people learnt from their first ever encounter.

1. Sex is communication. Pure communication.Once you learn that, you get to see what real sex is like.

2. It’s a lot lower (the vagina) than you think it will be.

3. Hand jobs from someone else can really suck.

4. Some girls just lay there and let you do all all the work and it really fucking sucks. It’s boring.

sex in th shower

5. Shower sex is harder than it looks.

6. When she farts and laughs, you better laugh as well.

7. There’s smells. There’s mess. It’s not all waxed vagina s and bleached arseholes.

8. An orgasm from sex is much better than an orgasm from masturbating.

9. Porn is all lies. LIES.


10. Rubbing your dick between a pair of breasts that are not lubed up doesn’t feel that good for either party.

11. It won’t make him love you.

12. A little tongue goes a long way…and most people want freaky, they are just scared to admit and initialize it.


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