Don’t exercise to get fit, exercise to be happy!

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I get it. Exercise is good for your health.

But all the health-boosting benefits of health aside, exercise has more long-lasting and equally important benefits for you, namely, your happiness.

Exercise makes you happy and there’s research that proves it. When you work up a sweat, crazy things happen to your body. Exercise is like an anti-depressant, only its organic and entirely safe for your health!

Mood Improvement

With intense physical activity; running, doing CrossFit or any other high/medium intensity workout you urge your body to release mood-enhancing chemicals in your body like, dopamine, norepinephrine and seretonin. These help improve your mood; decrease your stress and anxiety levels and replaces them with feelings of euphoria.

In fact, exercise can improve your mood and scientists have found it to be as effective in treating depression as drugs.


Modern-day stress often results from our inability to focus on a single task without being constantly distracted by phones, emails and ads popping up.

Exercise helps improve your concentration levels during and after exercise. Even if you only exercise for 10 minutes, you will be able to better concentrate later on this study reveals.

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 Self-confidence boost

You might feel it’s impossible to get in your sweatpants and hit the gym because [insert day’s excuse here]. But when you do exercise and get back home. Oh the joy it brings!

Exercise is an accomplishment and when you complete a workout you feel refreshed and self-confident.

Finally, a (cheap) habit that can make you feel great about yourself! Forget about luxury treatments at spas and brand clothing, all you need is to work up a sweat!




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