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Carrie Bradshaw rule states ‘No woman irrespective of age can has ever said I have enough shoes’.

In every woman’s shoe closet heels are essential. they are not just there to add a few inches to your height but they add a touch of elegance to your appearance. It is important to wear the heels that give you the confidence boost with of course height.

There are a variety of heels so know about them to deduce which style suits you.

  • Stilettos

Defined by the heel’s small diameter they can reach up to 8″ in height. Walking in them is no cake walk but if you master that the world is at your feet. Wear them when you don’t have to walk much.


  • Kitten Heels

For a little lift and a lot of comfort one should go for kitten heels. They are never higher than 2″ and are located at the back of the sole, directly in the middle of the heel.

kitten Heels


  • Ankle Strap Heels

If you want more support in your heels then ankle back is your thing. They are more comfortable and the shoe is secure because of the strap.


  • Platform

What differentiates platforms from stilettos is that the base of platforms is thicker and wider. This makes walking in them easier as they hurt less.


  • Wedges

Single chunk of material is there from sole to heel which is higher at heel and gets steeper towards sole. The height is similar to others.


  • Cone Heels

They start wider at the bottom of the sole and thin out. They are rounded just like an inverted cone. Heel length is mostly small to medium.

cone heels

  • Spool Heels

This heel got the hourglass figure. These are broad at the soles, then gets narrower near the middle and again thickens as it nears ground.



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