Effective tips to stop smoking!

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Smoking is something that we usually try to quit but are unable to do so. We are all aware of the health risks that are associated with smoking. It comes with its own harmful effects. If you smoke every now and then or you are a chain smoker, you cannot deny the fact that it is a silent killer. Nicotine provides temporary relief but causes physical damage to the lungs. Preventing yourself from a regular dose of nicotine can give you withdrawal symptoms which some people find hard to bear. There are various causes of smoking like depression, trauma, abusive childhood, substance abuse, and much more. 


Triggers of smoking


Try to maintain a journal to document any type of smoking triggers. This will enable you to remember every time you pick up a cigarette. It can be any event, activity, deadline of a project, social gathering, etc. 


How to quit smoking?


One can think of several ways to quit smoking some of which are:



  • Positive thinking



If you are willing to quit smoking but some negative thoughts are preventing you from doing then think of something positive that can come out of you by quitting this habit. Think of the kind of lifestyle you can adopt by stopping smoking. Try to have a positive outlook on life. 



  • Do it slowly and gradually



One cannot instantly quit smoking after waking up one day. You can slowly reduce the number of times you smoke. If you are a chain smoker and smoke 7 to 8 cigarettes per day, make it 4 to 5 then reduce the number to 2. In this way, you will ultimately reach your goal of quitting smoking altogether. 



  • Try using a vapor



Vaping is an alternate way to quit smoking. It provides the same physical relief as smoking. In this way, smokers can lower their intake of nicotine. 



  • Exercise



Physical activity of any kind is useful for your body. A daily exercise routine helps to keep the body in shape and prevents you from various bad habits. 



  • Try Nicotine-replacement therapy



In this therapy, you keep your hands and mouth busy. You can keep your hands busy by holding your drink in the hand where you hold your cigarette. You can keep the mouth busy by using chewing gums, tablets, lozenges, or e-cigarettes. 



  • Get support



You must not shy away from getting any support from your friends and family. Try to mingle with your non-smoking friends. Make a sitting with a stop-smoke support group in which different people share their experiences of quitting smoking. 



  • Maintain a healthy diet



Studies have shown that cigarettes are less tasteful after consuming fruits and vegetables so try to increase the consumption of veggies and fruits. These things will keep you away from cigarettes. 



  • Medications



Even after several attempts to quit smoking, you are not able to quit smoking then consult with a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe you some medications to quit smoking. You can get coupon code for anti-smoking tablets from any online pharmacy. 



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