Vaping Etiquette: 3 Dos and Don’Ts of Doing It in Public!

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Nicotine can be one of the most difficult additions for someone to kick, which is why finding a nicotine alternative that works for you and might help you finally drop your smoking habit for good can seem like

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a godsend.


Vaping has provided a lot of people with a means to quit smoking.  Vaping provides a lot of the same physical relief as smoking and helps smokers keep the ritual of smoking, something many people miss when they are trying to quit. Unlike chewing gum or using patches, the familiarity of a vape pen between their fingers can mean that lowering their intake of nicotine on a daily basis is easier each day. Not to mention the incredible variety of e-liquid flavors that deliver intense satisfaction.


However, vaping has become very popular with many people taking up vape pens that don’t smoke or aren’t trying to quit. This means that it has moved front-and-center in the public’s eye and many people are now exposed to vaping that doesn’t necessarily want to be.


The etiquette of vaping


This is where etiquette comes into play. Like everything you do in a social situation, it’s important to be aware of and understand how your actions might affect others. If you’re vaping to quit smoking, or just because you enjoy it, understanding proper etiquette surrounding vaping is key so that you don’t offend or disturb other people.


Three Dos and Don’ts of vaping in public


There will be plenty of times where you will be vaping in public. We spend most of our days out and about interacting with other people, which is where vaping etiquette is key. Vaping produces large clouds of scented of flavored vapor. While the vapor clouds don’t contain the same level of toxins as cigarettes or the cloying stink that doesn’t mean everyone wants to be treated to your vape pen.


  1. Don’t vape indoors without asking

In this day and age, you wouldn’t think of lighting up a cigarette in a business or someone’s home. In the same vein, you should never start vaping indoors unless you explicitly know that you have permission to. Not only is it incredibly rude in a private home and the person or their family members may have sensitivities; it’s also prohibited in many public spaces.


Take the time to step outside and find yourself a spot downwind to enjoy your vape pen so that you aren’t forcing people to get a ton of vapor in their faces. The general rule is not to vape where you wouldn’t smoke. This will keep everyone happy. If you’re at a friend’s place, ask them if they mind.


  1. Don’t expose people to vapor clouds who don’t want to

Many vapers may argue that vaping is perfectly harmless and people shouldn’t be offended by being around vapor clouds. Unfortunately, we’re discovering that this isn’t necessarily the case and vaping can be harmful to vapers and people regularly exposed to vapor clouds. All and all, don’t force someone to be around the vapor clouds if they don’t want to and don’t do it around pets or children.


  1. Vaping while driving

Your car is your property, so feel free to vape as you would at home. However, if you’re transporting friends who don’t partake, kids, or animals, refrain from vaping. It’s just common sense here that the average person may not want to be treated to the condensed vapor that forms in a car while driving. Like smoking, keep the windows down a bit so as not to obscure your vision—those clouds can be thick! Also, be sure to check your local laws to make sure you won’t be fined for vaping while behind the wheel.




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