Lead A Purpose Driven Life – A How-to Guide

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At 10 and 15, you’re full of dreams, passion and insane ambition. At 25 you are inspired and driven to realize one goal after the other. Some of your dreams will be realized, others will be thrown at the never-mind, don’t-have-time pile. How do you manage to lead a purpose-driven life, when your dreams are shattered or thwarted?

You carry on in spite of it all.

1. Revisit Your Priorities

Going on a 2-month Eurotrip sounded like a great bucket list idea at 18, but today, it seems like over-stretching reality. Don’t be afraid to redifine your dreams and goals. You never stop changing and so are your circumstances.

Permit yourself to change plans, to give up on no longer sustainable or beneficial dreams. If what you’re pursuing doesn’t interest you, you will lose your true bearings. Living a purposeful-life is to lead one that’s meaningful and fulfilling.

2. Persist no matter the hindrances thrown at you

You can be angry or overwhelmed with everything that happens to you, or you can choose to take control of your destiny.

Believing you have no power over you life is to have no true purpose in life. If you believe fate or others decide for you, what gives you momentum to get out of bed in the morning?

Persist no matter the difficulties you’re faced with. Don’t let the struggle eclipse your dreams. Make them true!

3. Don’t chase ephemeral joy, chase inner fulfilment

Instead of being short-sighted and only being occupied with the present moment, try taking a step back and see the forest for the trees.

Pursuit experiences and be involved with people and interests that will grant you inner peace and fulfilment. Don’t entirely forgo ephemeral joy but always have in mind the return of investment of your actions and you will see how everything instantly becomes more purpose-driven.




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