Learn These Simple Self Defence Attacks to be Safe

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Our country comes under the list of unsafest places ever and thus I always prefer to keep a pepper spray with me at times. It’s just not safe to go outside when you know people are up to so much these days. And then it’s better to take precaution. I prefer everybody to either keep a pepper spray or a small knife with you because problems don’t tell and come. They just come and make everything worse than hell. For better safety precautions, I’ve got some self-defense measures which you can use in cases like theft, rape, molestation, eve teasing etc. Everyone can use these skills, see for yourself and help yourself!

1. Hand break

When someone tries to kill you, they bring their hands near your neck, use that opportunity and take their hand and put all your force and hit them at the weakest point of the palm, that’ll cause them pain and you’ll be able to save yourself from some trouble.
self defense

2. Nosebreak

Make a fist with all your force, hit them hard in the nose, this will not only cause them pain but also distance them from you which gives you at leat 10-15 seconds to run or make your next move.
self defense

3.Han twisting

When they push you, just grab both their hands and twist them and distance them a little bit and then hit them with your knee as hard as you can. Smash them hard wherever possible with your knee.
self defense

4. Throw back

When someone attacks you from the back, pull them from one side with all your force and slide them and give them a hard throw in front of you. They’ll be hurt which will surely give you a minute to make your net move. This defense technique requires a lot of potential.
self defense

Use these defense attacks and be safe!


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