Signs That He’s Only Interested In Sex!

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A true gentleman is rare to find in today’s time. And when you meet guys, they just pretend to be interested in you and your personality, but the ugly truth is that, all they are bothered about is SEX! Watch out for these few signals which might make you understand what he really wants out of you!

1. You always catch him looking at your cleavage

When a man talks to you, it’s natural for him to peek at your cleavage. But that does not mean that whenever he’s talking he’s can concentrate only there, and you always catch him staring at them! Please he’s a desperate creep!RUN!

2. He literally checks out every girl passing by in front of you

check out all the girls
It’s okay for him to glance at the pretty girls passing by, but if you catch his eyes wandering everywhere at the every girl that is passing by, that is a problem!

3. He always touches you sexually and not sweetly

wrong touch
Does he ever hold you hand? Or caress you cheeks? Or is he always trying to reach between you thighs?
Does he ever give you sweet kisses on cheeks or is always french kiss with lots of tongue used. Time to think again!

4. He always stands a bit too close

'Inside Llewyn Davis' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival
It’s normal for him to get close if you’re cuddling on the couch or dancing on the floor together, however, if he’s always on the top of you, even in public, he’s just too focused on physical aspect of your relationship!

5. He always has a bulge in his pants

Well it’s okayt that it happens whenever you guys are in mood. But all the time? I mean every damn time, when he’s with you? Time to leave!


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