Things Nobody Told You About Sex

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Well if you think you really know it all read these things down, which I bet you had no idea about. A recent international study drew up a list of things that most participants didn’t know! Take a look how much do you score.

1. Female ejaculation does exist

female ejaculation
Most of the people don’t even know about this, or think it to be false; but women do ejaculate. Some women thought it to be escaped urine, but luckily it’s not like that. Doctors have monitored the sexual lives of a group of women who claimed to have this talent, and confirmed that the fluid is neither urine nor lubrication.

2. Every woman cannot have sex with every man

key lock
We don’t expect every key to fit every lock, and it is the same with the genitals. Even though there are positions that can make sex possible even if the parts are too big or small.

3. Left side down there is the best

According to some sex therapists left side of the clitoris is the most pleasurable. So give it a go girls, and see if this really works for you.

4. All men have sensitive anal areas

We all had this belief that only gay men enjoyed anal sex. but in reality it’s packed with nerves for any man, and prostate stimulation can cause intense orgasms. Make your guy drink a lil more and see if he’s in for this one for for a try :p

5. Lubrication really matters

sex lubrication
Many women do not produce enough lubrication for a smooth passage and hence, find sex dry and painful. There many lubrication in the drug store, some scented also and they are not even expensive. Wetter is better honey!

6. Good sex actually makes you glow

During sex, women’s estrogen levels soar making #hair shiny and luscious, and skin glow. So do make time for it, it is a cheaper and pleasurable beauty regimen after all.

7. Sex lowers your stress

stress buster
Sex lowers blood pressure levels, and boosts levels of immunoglobulin A, which protects from illnesses and infections such as colds. So enjoy it and bust your stress.


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