Things Students Do to Irritate Teachers

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Flying paper planes, dancing behind her back, making faces, we’ve all seen this in a typical classroom. There are just some trillion things that students do to annoy teachers but can’t punish us for that!

1. Tiny constant lies

When you get punished and can’t help but laugh
*Teacher- why were u laughing?
Me- I wasn’t laughing
Teacher – Stop lying! I saw you laughing with your friend while I was teaching
Me – No we were not.
Teacher – you are still smiling
Me- no
*smiling like a dipshit*
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2. Constant Pestering

There is always this kid in class whose questions never end, he always has a butt load of doubts and thinks the best time to ask is while the teacher is speaking. Most of the time his questions doesn’t even make sense, they just ask for the sake of it! arhh
Teacher – We’r going to start with photosynthesis today. So photosynthesis is a process in which *student interrupts*
Student – Why does it occur mam?
Teacher – What do you think today’s class is about? -_-
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3. Postponing the tests

Students have a habit, more like they pretend that they forgot the date of the test so that it can get postponed!
Teacher – I am writing the date on the board for you to remember. Also, I’v posted it on your Fb accounts, messaged you on watsapp and pinned it on the notice board!
Student – * LOL we’r still not gonna remember it*

*On the day of the test*
Students(in chorus) – Maam you never told us about the test
Teacher – Even Ghajini had a better memory than you people!
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4. When you are caught cheating

Teacher – I’ll cancel your paper if I catch you cheating again
Student – I was just borrowing rubber from her
Student 2- Yes mam, she was. I don’t even know anything what is she gonna cheat from anyway?
(You and your friend exchange a telepathic hi5)
*Teacher shocks, student rocks*
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5. Constant chit-chatting

There is nothing more than talkative students that annoys teachers. Their never-ending gossips keeps the teacher and other students distracted. The teacher is left with no option but to say

Teacher – Get out! Come back in when you are done with your aunty talks.
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6. Constant Munching

Another common thing that irritates all the teachers is students munching on their food like cavemen! Its honorary for all the students to open their lunch box in the middle of the class and start eating. No matter how many times you are punished you cannot go without eating your lunch before time.
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7. Texting while in class

If there is a statue of patience in teachers, it breaks when a student starts texting during class. Teacher take it as an utter disrespect on the students part as it seems like they are insulting their teaching methods!
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