This Is Why Sanjay Dutt’s Wife Picture Went Viral

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On Sanjay Dutt’s 57th birthday, his wife, Maanyata posted a picture on social media site which went viral in days and people are still not over it. The most interesting thing is that the first time you look at the picture, you won’t get it; so you’ll have to take a look it again to understand why it has taken social media by storm.

Have a look.

Did you find out? Nah? At first, even I didn’t.

See it again, now more carefully.


Did you notice now? Still no?

The rifle shaped lamp is the focus here. This is why people went gaga over this picture and it went viral. Funny right? After being sentenced to jail for 5 years, Sanjay Dutt keeps a lamp that is rifle shaped!


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