A Girl’s Hair is Her Ultimate Pride. Agree Rapunzels?

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It is not new when a girl is complimented for her long hair. It is actually a very conventional and traditional thing which we all are very well aware of. In the midst of all the societal pressure that a girl faces what we forget is the fairytale which was a huge part of our childhood, Rapunzel. It is one of a kind fairytale which does not teaches a girl to play a damsel in distress. Rapunzel never waited for a prince charming to rescue her, instead she always kept herself busy while she was forcefully stuck in her life. She never really complained and only wished and hoped for good things to come. What we ignore in the glorified concept of a fairytale is that Rapunzel never lacked the love for her life. She always knew that she was meant for bigger things. And maybe that is why we have seen her in both long and short hair.


“Rapunzel was beautiful when she had long hair and even better when she cut it short. She accepted the way she was and the way situation was. She always taught girls to trust in the process because it is all that we can do.”




So, girls before you tell someone that you badly need to grow your hair long or change something about yourself make sure that it is purely out of your own will. It should not be the subject to impress someone because when we do that all we do is injustice to our own selves, we insult the God who have created us. Moreover,


“When we work towards improving what we already have only then big changes happen.”




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